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Living Victoriously Through the Healing Touch of Anointing Oils & Aromatherapy


Victorie Anointing Oils & Aromatherapy products are designed to help improve the quality of your life.  Every product we create is infused with God's precious life giving, natural healing essential oils, plant extracts and love. 


Do you suffer from headaches, chronic pain, or sleepless nights?   Do you quietly suffer alone with depression?  The healing touch of aromatherapy using high quality essential oils may be the answer to your prayers.  Many of our clients have been amazed by the results achieved using our products.


We invite you to come visit us.  Marilyn our Registered & Certified Aromatherapist would love to meet you and is available for private consultations.  She also teaches aromatherapy and other "how to" classes including Bible inspired anointing oils, perfumes, bath salts, and linen sprays.  CE credits are available for the aromatherapy classes.  Click here to view our class schedule.


URL: https://www.victorie-inc.us

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