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Luke 1:37

For nothing is impossible with God.



Decorative Large Glass Oil Bottles

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Clear 4 oz. Bottle

Fancy Lid - Black and Silver


Height 4.5"

Width 3.5"

Capacity:  4 oz. / 120 ML

Price $6.00  Add to Cart







Clear Amphora Bottle

With Metal Stand and Glass Ball Lid


Height 7"

Width 3.25"

Capacity:  6 oz. / 180 ML

Price $19.95  Add to Cart










Red Glass Bottle

Made of 99% recycled glass from Spain


Height 5.5"

Width 3.75"

Capacity:  8.5 oz. / 250 ML

Price $18.95  Add to Cart 







Blue Glass Bottle


Black Metal Screw On Cap with Gold Rim

Height 4.5"

Width 2.75"

Capacity:  5 oz.

Price $9.95  Add to Cart 









Green or Blue Apothecary Bottle



Apothecary Glass Bottles 4 oz.


Approximate Size:  5.25" Tall x 2" Wide

Capacity:  4oz. (120 ML)

Ground Glass Stopper

Green or Blue Bottle $9.95  Add to Cart 


** Blue bottles in stock are now slightly lighter in color.




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