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Neu●BeCALM'd Frequently Asked Questions

Many nutritional supplements have great numbers of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in them. Why doesn't NeuroGenesis have such a product?

It is true that some companies include literally 40 or 50 ingredients in their products and make claims that attempt to justify this formulation. The reality is that all nutrients, be them from food or from supplements, have a priority position in attempting to cross the blood/brain barrier to achieve their effect. All nutrients must go thru metabolism and enter the blood stream to be utilized. All nutrients, with few exceptions, are water soluble, meaning that they dissolve in the fluids of the body during circulation. As multiple vitamins, minerals or amino acids are circulating, waiting their predetermined priority to gain access across the barrier, they will be picked up, dissolved and excreted in the urine if they are not quickly utilized. This means that taking more than you can be expected to take advantage of is just wasting the product and your money. NeuroGenesis uses formulas that provide explicit benefit without encumbering the process and losing what is needed for specific neurotransmitter support and optimum health.

Are the ingredients in NeuBecalm'd all natural?

All the ingredients are natural and of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade and the amino acids are derived from plant sources. The capsules are of animal extract.

What are amino acids?

Everything from your hair down to your toes is made of combinations of amino acids. Your hormones, blood cells, muscles, organs, to neurotransmitters in the brain are made of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. There are twenty amino acids that do all of this building and eight of them are referred to as "essential" amino acids. This means it is essential you take them in through nutrition (or supplements) because your body cannot manufacture them from other chemicals. The amino acids in NeuBecalm'd are phenylalanine, both d and l form, and glutamine. Phenylalanine is the building block for noradrenalin and dopamine. Glutamine builds GABA, the major calming chemical in the brain.

Explain the precautions on the label.

Phenylketonuria is a condition that develops in utero in which the baby is not able to metabolize phenylalanine properly. This is checked for at birth and, if present, is treated with dietary restriction. Pregnant women should not use any supplement containing L-phenylalanine due to this concern. Nursing mothers should not use supplemental L-phenylalanine for the same reason.

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI) are a form of antidepressant medications. The most common are Parnate, Nardil and Marplan. Persons taking these medications should not use supplemental phenylalanine due to the possibility of increased blood pressure.

Can NeuBecalm'd be taken with other medications?

Yes, in most cases. Information derived from studies and reviews by physicians who actively use nutritional supplements in their practice tell us that the incidence of problems with medications and supplements is extremely low. In the case of the ingredients in NeuBecalm'd the only precaution noted is the use of MAOI medications. It is NOT advisable to take medications and supplements at the exact same time. You should allow 2-3 hours between use of medications and supplements for maximum safety.

Can NeuBecalm'd be taken if you are taking multiple medications?

Again, the incidence of problems with medications and supplements is low. However, you should consult your physician before use if you have a concern. Multiple medications may cause adverse interactions themselves.

Is L-phenylalanine the same thing as Nutrasweet or other artificial sweeteners? Is it safe?

Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. That means it is essential you get it in your diet daily because your body cannot manufacture it from other chemicals. Phenylalanine produces Dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, love and attachment. Phenylalanine is used in artificial sweeteners because it has a slightly sweet taste. The only time phenylalanine has been found to be a problem is the use of the free form powder. This appears to put too much into the blood stream too quickly and causes a spike in adrenalin output. When phenylalanine is combined with other protein, or is in the capsule form, the problem did not occur. We combine both forms of phenylalanine for slower absorption and capsulate it with other products for maximum protection and effect.

What is 5HTP? Is it natural or synthetic?

5HTP stands for 5 Hydroxy Tryptophan and is the immediate precursor building block for Serotonin, a very important neurotransmitter in the brain. Serotonin helps to maintain emotional stability and aids in sleep. 5HTP is derived in the natural state by the grinding of seeds from the Griffonia plant. It is not a synthetic chemical.

Does 5HTP cause "Serotonin syndrome"?

"Serotonin syndrome" is most commonly caused by the combination of multiple antidepressant medications. Currently most forms of antidepressants work on both Serotonin and Dopamine to some degree. Some forms are selective for Serotonin. These medications work to make your neurotransmitters work longer and harder. They do not help to produce more neurotransmitter. When combined improperly they activate too much Serotonin and produce a number of unpleasant symptoms such as agitation, confusion.

5HTP simply helps with the production, not the activation, of Serotonin. We are not aware of any documented studies that implicate 5HTP in this condition in the absence of multiple antidepressant medications or illegal drugs, eg. Ecstasy.

A common question is "can I give NeuBecalm'd to my 3 or 4 year old child"?

We recommend that parents be very cautious in using supplements or psychoactive medications with children this young. The majority of our feedback on success and safety of use comes from children over the age of 6. It must be the parents' decision for use with children under 6.

Should I continue taking multivitamins?

Yes, NeuBecalm'd is not intended to take the place of a multivitamin supplement.

Are there any "side effects" with NeuBecalm'd?

As long as you heed the warning about MAOI's the only reported side effects have been an occasional headache or mild lightheadedness on first using the supplement. The solution is to reduce the dosage for a few days to become accustomed to the product. If you find that your sleep is interfered with you should take the last dose earlier in the day.

How long before you notice a difference with NeuBecalm'd?

The average has been 7-10 days. Some notice a change earlier, some later. Usually someone else will notice a difference before you actually can tell a change has occurred. If the supplement is being used for ADD/HD a difference is usually noticed at home before school reports a change. NeuBecalm'd will not cause children to lose weight. It may reduce the craving for sugars however.

Does NeuBecalm'd work the same as prescription stimulants?

NO! These drugs are in the family of amphetamines and their action is to make the person's dopamine work harder and longer. By speeding up dopamine activity, usually in the right hemisphere of the brain, there is a better balance between the two halves of the brain and this results in less uncontrolled activity and an increase in focus. The problem is these drugs have significant side effects and produce dependencies.

NeuBecalm'd works to increase the availability of dopamine and associated neurotransmitters in a natural metabolic manner and consequently achieves the desired balance and benefits without serious side effects.

How does NeuBecalm'd work in weight loss?

Most people overeat due to stress. They consume excess carbohydrates and refined sugars to calm down and feel less stressed. This leads to excessive weight gain. NeuBecalm'd works to reduce the biochemical and neurochemical effects of stress and thus reduces craving for carbs and sweets through the effect of L-glutamine. NeuBecalm'd is not a "weight loss" product as such but reduces the effects of stress. L-phenylalanine has shown to be beneficial in increasing metabolism to aid in weight loss.

Does NeuBecalm'd tranquilize or sedate?

NO, NeuBecalm'd helps balance neurotransmitters and reduce the impact of adrenalin. A reduction in adrenalin output and impact is sensed as a calmed state.

Does the FDA "approve" NeuBecalm'd?

The FDA does not approve or disapprove of nutritional supplements, only prescription medications. The only time the FDA gets involved is if supplements make the statement that they diagnose, treat or prevent disease. We do not make that claim.

How long do I have to take NeuBecalm'd?

Remember, this is supplementing your nutrition. As long as stress and other negative issues impact your brain chemistry in a negative fashion you should take supplements to offset the effects of stress. If the stress diminishes and your nutrition is adequate and of high quality you should be able to use less supplement. When stress increases, use more supplement.

How much is enough? Can I increase the dosage safely?

Due to the infinite variability of each persons biochemistry and life factors it is impossible to dictate the "exact" amount for maximum benefit. The most common dose for maximum effect in adults has been reported to be 6 capsules per day in divided doses, either two or three times daily. For children the dosage is reduced based on age and weight. These ingredients are water-soluble. That means that if they are not picked up and used in the metabolic process they are excreted and do not build up to any toxic levels. Many people tell us they use up to 12 capsules per day for extremely traumatic situations.

The label says to take "one hour before meals or two hours after meals". How important is this? What about taking it twice a day?

The ideal would be one hour before or two hours afterward. But few of us can run our schedules on an ideal structure. The thing to try to avoid is taking the supplement with a heavy protein meal. This will slow absorption of the amino acids and possibly reduce benefit. Taking the supplement with some food is not a problem, especially if it is carbohydrates. Even 15 minutes before a meal will work. If the only alternative is with the meal it is better to take it than not.

Most people take the supplement twice daily, since it is so difficult to arrange for and remember around noon. The most effective adult dose has been six capsules per day. Three (3) capsules taken twice a day works just fine.

What is Tryptophan and why is it banned in the U.S.?

Typtophan is an essential amino acid. That means it is essential you take it in every day in your diet (or supplements) because your body cannot manufacture it from other chemicals. Without tryptophan you don't produce Serotonin, the neurotransmitter which permits proper sensory input, keeps emotions stable and helps you stay asleep. People who avoid dairy products, milk and cheese, for any reason tend to be low on Serotonin because dairy is the major source of tryptophan. Turkey, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are also good sources of tryptophan. In 1989 one of the worlds major suppliers of tryptophan inadvertently packaged contaminated enzymes, used to extract the amino acid from protein, with the tryptophan. These enzymes seriously contaminated the supplement and caused serious problems. The FDA ruled that all tryptophan be recalled and has not allowed it to be resold on the retail market since that time.

We do not use tryptophan in our products. Instead we use the next product in the metabolic process, which is 5HTP (5 Hydroxy trptophan).

5HTP is perfectly safe and widely used therapeutically and is the immediate precursor (building block) for serotonin.

Can supplements ever become toxic or cause serious overdose reactions?

Any substance, if taken in sufficient amounts, can possibly produce toxic effects, depending on the individual. The toxic levels for the ingredients in our products are well into the thousands of milligrams per day. The ingredients in our products are water soluble and will be eliminated rather than stored if not used in a short period of time. There is no danger if the directions for suggested dosage are followed.

Can a person develop a tolerance to these supplements so that more and more of the product is needed to produce results?

Tolerance does not build to supplements anymore than it does to food. It is true that if the stress in a person's life dramatically increases then more supplement will be needed to help build brain chemistry effected by stress. Once the stressor is dealt with in some form of problem solving then the usual amounts of product will continue to maintain acceptable levels of brain chemistry.

Can chemical imbalances be inherited or do they just happen as a result of environmental impact?

Everything we inherit from our parents is a combination of chemicals. Our DNA is made up of chemicals. Every thought, feeling and behavior is the result of chemical interactions in the brain and body. If we ingest chemicals, like alcohol or other such substances, it changes our chemical balance. Chemical balance is related to diet also. The food you eat is just chemistry. Unbalanced diet equals unbalanced chemistry equals unbalanced thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Can various NeuroGenesis products be combined if a person is dealing with multiple issues? I.E. using too much alcohol, overweight and troubled by stress.

We recommend caution in combining multiple nutritional supplements. The thing to do is decide which issue is most pressing and address it first with the appropriate supplement. All of our supplements have some ingredients in common. As a consequence it is conceivable that excessive activity of some chemistry could occur with combinations of supplements. These actions, while possibly uncomfortable, are not likely to be particularly threatening but caution should be used. We have had customers combine NeuroSlim and NeuBecalm'd with positive results reported. If such an approach were used it would be best to slowly increase dosage and assess results as you go.

I have taken the product for one week and am not noticing any changes. Shouldn't I be feeling differently by now?

Everyone's neurochemistry is different. Most people began to notice slight differences in 7-10 days; some notice a change earlier, some later. Because our products actually began to build the neurochemicals, it is important to remember that it is a building process. As the neurochemistry builds, you will begin to realize you are sleeping better, waking more refreshed, thinking more clearly, reacting more calmly, experiencing more pleasure in life, etc. We suggest at least a 30 - 60 day trial before drawing any conclusions. Also, the more stress we are under the more chemicals our brain uses. Therefore, during high stress situations, our chemistry is trying desperately to get caught up. It sometimes takes a while to actually get and stay ahead neurochemically.

My doctor says ... I am experiencing ... I have been diagnosed with ... I am taking ... etc.

We are not medical professionals and cannot comment on these types of questions. We cannot provide on line counseling or consultations for our customers. Please consult your health care professional with medical questions. If you have any specific questions regarding NeuroGenesis supplements, we will be glad to answer those questions.

I have been taking your product and feel great! Can I discontinue the use without experiencing withdrawals?

Our products are nutritional supplements and are not addictive in any way. You can discontinue their use without fear of side effects. However, the reality is that most of us are under constant life stressors, and this stress has been shown to deplete chemistry. The more daily stress we are under, the more neurochemicals are required on a daily basis. Rather than stop the use completely, we suggest that you reduce your dosage by one capsule. Stay at that reduced amount for several days to make sure that you are still doing as well. If so, reduce one more capsule and follow the same pattern. If you begin to feel any of your old stress related problems or cravings returning, increase the dose by one capsule and remain at that dose. Often, our chemistry needs some ongoing nutritional support to offset life's daily stress. You may not always need to take six capsules, but you may always need to take some.

I have contacted you and not gotten a reply? Why?

We respond to questions within 48 hours, however, it is possible that your email server may be blocking our responses or that you have inadvertently placed our information in the block senders list. Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems that filter out messages that you actually want to receive.


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