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The product history of NeuroGenesis began in 1984 when Dr. Kenneth Blum formulated and patented a very targeted nutritional supplement regimen for substance abuse. Dr. Kenneth Blum discovered that through the use of select nutritional formulae, certain substance abuses, such as an alcoholic's craving for alcohol, could be reduced or even overcome. This product line was marketed exclusively to rehabilitation hospitals and clinics.

As insurance companies progressively decided to exclude nutritional supplements from their coverage packages, NeuroGenesis expanded its marketing strategy to include retail to the general public. NeuroGenesis formed their retail division, which produced explosive growth for the company.

NeuroGenesis, Inc. has enjoyed an increase in production, rapid growth in the retail sales, expansion in the market and overall enhancement in benefits to the consumer over these years. The transition into the retail market also led the way expanding our products focused to help the neurochemical depletions from more common factors such as daily stress. As with most growing companies, NeuroGenesis has experienced the cycles in sales, changes in directors, executives, and even names over the years. The one constant through twenty plus years is a commitment to developing and providing products to help the brain and body achieve a natural balance and enhance the quality of life.

A strong staff of professionals and an innovative product line continue to help individuals in achieving a healthier, balanced neurochemistry. NeuroGenesis products work to support the natural replenishment of neurotransmitters depleted by stress, environment, external sources and chemical use. Our clinical division and our retail marketing division combine to offer NeuroGenesis products in countries throughout the world.

Our greatest reward is to see and hear how our products have helped individuals over a relatively short period feel back to their old selves, calmer, sleeping better, and enjoying life without depending on an external chemical source. They no longer feel the crippling pressures on the job, they can deal logically with life and manage life stressors in a realistic manner. Life returns to "normal" for them, and we at NeuroGenesis are ecstatic to have been instrumental in helping these individuals return to the intended balance of life.

Executive Team

Al Bieser President/CEO
Laura W. Hale Vice President
Dr. Terry Neher Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Clinical Advisor
Cyrena Hileman Controller
Stacey Barnes Esq. Barnes & Associates P LLC - Corporate Attorney



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IMPORTANT: Nutritional supplements work best in conjunction with a healthy diet. Optimal health does not happen overnight, but requires a building process. Please be faithful to yourself and to your body by taking NeuroGenesis products on a regular, on-going basis.